In our previous blog, we talked about what an online business is.

Now lets look at how to start an online business

To start an online business, there are five basic tools that you need without which, you can not start. These are the foundations of an online business. Many internet marketers out there will tell you the advantages of having a web business but they will not show you what you actually need or where to start.

The five basic to tools you need to start are:-

A domain name

A domain name is same as the web address. This is the name that anyone keys into a web browser and your web page is displayed. This is the first must have. A domain name is usually purchased from a domain registrar such as Go Daddy, Blue Host, Host-gator, 123 Reg or whatever domain registrar you Choose

A website

A web site can be a single page or a collection of pages where when visitors visit know what you are about, how to contact you and the different products that you sell or offer You will need a web page for people to access your business.

A hosting account

A hosting account is an account you open with a web hosting company. Some domain registrars are also web hosts. You can register a domain name with them and also host your website. However this is not mandatory. You can buy a domain from one company and host with another.

A payment processor

Once you have acquired a domain name, a website, and a hosting company, the next thing you need to do is display your services and products  on your website for customers to buy. When they click the  Buy Now button, they need to be directed to where they can make payment. They are then given options on whether to pay by Debit or Credit card, PayPal or whatever other option is available on the site. When they enter their card details, this processes the payment and the money is put into your bank or your PayPal account.


The final basic tool that you need is an auto-responder. This is where all the magic happens. You can imagine if you have to personally respond to all the customers situated all over the world in different time zones, that would be impossible. An auto responder is similar to the out of office message you receiver if you contact someone who is away. However, a business auto responder is set up so that it directs the customer on the next steps until the purchased product is delivered.

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