An online business is any business that is transacted online. This means that the business is advertised online, the products are sold online, the payment is processed a online and the products are delivered online especially if they are digital products such as reports, eBooks, learning materials, online training and videos e.t.c.

Why Start and online business?

The web has grown in leaps and bumps since it was invented and the future of all businesses is on the web irrespective of whether they sell physical or digital products. The are many advantages to having an online line presence .

With an online business you can:-

  • Reach customers from all over the world
  • It runs 24/7, so no need to keep an eye all the time as in a traditional business
  • It is easy to start especially with digital products
  • No need for a physical premises
  • You can work from anywhere
  • You do not have to quit your day job
  • You receive payment online directly to your bank or PayPal account and therefore you do not have to deal with currencies from different countries
  • Once set up, it runs 24/7
  • You do not need to know the complicated web language (HTML)

A bit of extra income can be life changing especially in this hard economic times

All the above advantages can be key to changing your life and gaining financial freedom.

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